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Our 6-week developer-oriented bitcoin transactions class will take you from zero to blockchain hero.

Get to know Bitcoin

Base58’s flagship Bitcoin Transactions class is a 6-week remote live-instruction course that gives you an in-depth intro to the bitcoin protocol.  Our class will get you comfortable with the bitcoin-cli and command line interfaces. No prior experience required, but some understanding of bytes and encodings will be extremely helpful.

Classes meet Monday + Thursday nights for one and a half hours. Check our Upcoming Classes to find our next available class cycle.

1: Intro to bitcoin transactions

This is week one! We get started by learning about what a transaction is. Specifically, what fields do they contain? We learn how to calculate a transaction id and what transaction fees are, and how are they calculated. Finally, we'll talk about coinbases and block rewards.

Topics: transaction fields, endianness, transaction ids, fees + transaction weights, coinbases

2: Intro to Script

In week two we start talking about Bitcoin's native "programming language": Script! We'll write our own script this week (and learn about hashes and preimages). Once we've written a script we'll try locking some bitcoins up to it, as well as unlocking them.

Topics: Script, standard scripts, P2SH, opcodes

3: Enter SegWit

Now that we've seen how transactions are constructed and built, we'll introduce the bitcoin omnibus update bill, the SegWit soft-fork. SegWit impacted the structure of a transaction and its fee calculations, so we'll dive into how these updates work and two of the 'new' SegWit script types: P2WSH and P2SH-P2WSH.

Topics: SegWit! P2WSH, P2SH-P2WSH

4: Public/Private keys; intro to elliptic curves

We're halfway through class, it's about time we introduced cryptography. We'll start this week building an understanding of elliptic curves over a finite field and looking at bitcoin's secp256k1 curve parameters. Then we'll pick a private key and derive a public key. Finally we'll make our first signed transactions.

Topics: elliptic curves, secp256k1, public/private key cryptography, P2PK, P2PKH

5: Signing transactions

Signing transactions is actually a bit complicated. We'll talk about the ECDSA and walk through how a private key produces signatures for a transaction. We'll cover sighashes and discuss the TX_HASH proposal.

Topics: ECDSA, SegWit, sighashes, TX_HASH

6: Multisig + Getting your transaction mined

This is the last week of class. We'll cover multisig transactions and the OP_CHECKMULTISIG opcode. Our final class we'll cover some topics on how to get your transaction mined: RBF + CPFP.


Class Pre-Requisites

Upcoming Classes & Pricing

Our next bitcoin transactions protocol class starts June 27, 2022 and runs for 6 weeks. We meet every Monday and Thursday (Texas time) for an hour and a half.

Cost is $2,600 for six weeks of live instruction. Class size limited to 18 people.

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Meet the Team


@niftynei is a world-renowned bitcoin and lightning expert. A lightning protocol developer at Blockstream for c-lightning by day, she leads Base58 bitcoin protocol classes at night.

nifty is currently working on a book about transacting with bitcoin for No Starch Press.


@stakamoto21 is the brains and coordinating muscle behind Base58. He keeps the classes running on-time, fronts student outreach, and is a one-man bizops force of nature.

A longtime bitcoiner and serial entrepreneur, stakamoto brings deep community connections and bitcoin fire to Base58.


@kodylow is a hacker, developer, and Bitcoin teacher. A CS masters student at Penn and Fedimint contributor by day, he TAs Base58 bitcoin protocol classes at night.

Kody was one of Nifty's first students at Base58, now he helps build curricula to teach new cohorts of engineers about bitcoin.