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Bitcoin Builders: Bots Edition (Beta)

Bitcoin bots lurk in the mempool, looking for transactions to snap up. In this four-week class, we’ll build three different bitcoin mempool sniping bots.

Bitcoin Builders: Bots Edition (Beta)

Ever wanted to build a mempool sniping bot? In this class, we’ll build and launch three different bots: a sophon clone which looks for BRC20 mint transactions to front-run, a weak entropy keys stealer, and a lightning channel anchor bot, which looks for free sats dropped by lightning force closes.

All bots will be written Python.

What to know before class (pre-requisites)

You must have a strong understanding of Bitcoin transaction basics, such as:

  • Script
  • Signatures
  • secp256k1

You should also be familiar with Python

These topics are covered in our flagship Transactions Deep Dive class.