We are here to help you learn Bitcoin.

Bitcoin developers are the cathedral builders of this day and age, buidling the Cathedral of Satoshi one block at a time. We strive to train and support the next generation of developers whose contributions outlive them.




@niftynei is a world-renowned bitcoin and lightning expert. A lightning protocol developer at Blockstream for c-lightning by day, she leads Base58 bitcoin protocol classes at night. nifty is currently working on a book about transacting with bitcoin for No Starch Press.




@stakamoto21 is the brains and coordinating muscle behind Base58. He keeps the classes running on-time, fronts student outreach, and is a one-man bizops force of nature. A longtime bitcoiner and serial entrepreneur, stakamoto brings deep community connections and bitcoin fire to Base58.




@kodylow is a hacker, developer, and Bitcoin teacher. A CS masters student at Penn and Fedimint contributor by day, he TAs Base58 bitcoin protocol classes at night. Kody was one of Nifty's first students at Base58, now he helps build curricula to teach new cohorts of engineers about bitcoin.